Taggart Supports South Delta Families

To Whom it May Concern,


Some of my greatest memories of weekends with my boys are from the Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza.  But this year, while our campaign had every intention of enjoying the Extravaganza and meeting with fellow hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen from across our state, we will not be attending in light of the MS Wildlife Federation’s (“MWF”) unacceptable position on the South Delta Backwater Flood.


Instead of promoting an environment for the state’s most interested parties to discuss the need for a solution in the South Delta, MWF has chosen to stamp out any attempt to disagree with its fight against the pumps that would help move the water off of the 550,000 acres of homes, wildlife habitat, and farmland that has been sitting underwater since as long ago as January.  In fact, when one flood victim applied for a booth at the Extravaganza to share her and many families’ stories, the Extravaganza denied her access.


Therefore, I am joining with a multitude of my fellow outdoorsmen, including Primos Hunting and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks, in sitting out this year’s Extravaganza.


The South Delta is home to thousands of Mississippians and holds some of the finest outdoors opportunities in our state.  I have hunted the Sourth Delta with some of my best friends for years and hope to continue to have that opportunity.  But, they need all the help they can get in demanding that the US Corps of Engineers finish the pump project that it planned decades ago.


We will not sit quietly while one of the state’s strongest voices fights against a solution that would protect the homes of hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat and farmland that is currently being destroyed.


The MWF’s position that the pumps would drain wetlands is simply inaccurate. The current pump plan would allow pumps to assist with flood drainage once flooding reaches a certain high-water mark.  Any supposed wetlands are already underwater at that point and the pumps would shut off once the water receded below that high-water mark.  Therefore, the pumps should be completed so that hundreds of families, our state’s rich wildlife, and fertile farmland can begin to rebuild.


This is yet another example of an uninformed enviro-bureaucracy ignoring reality and we will not allow it to continue.  Please join me and my fellow outdoorsmen in boycotting this year’s Extravaganza.  Hopefully the MWF will reconsider their position.


Putting Mississippians first,

Andy Taggart