I’m running because:

  1. God is in control, win or lose.
  2. Evil is real.
  3. The world is broken.
  4. Redemption trumps condemnation.
  5. We miss our son, every day.
  6. We all owe the duty to serve in our community, state or nation.
  7. Government is too powerful; it must always be limited.
  8. The courts are the great limiters of government power in this country.
  9. The criminal justice system is the great enforcer of the law in this country.
  10. Government officials must strictly obey the law.
  11. People who make mistakes should not be treated the same as people who do evil.
  12. The scourge of drugs is the greatest earthly threat to our children and our communities.
  13. The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
  14. People hate lawyers until they need one.
  15. Windshields are bigger than rearview mirrors; our future is more important than our past.
  16. Our old state flag should be retired with dignity to our new Museum of Mississippi History.
  17. Mississippi needs a practicing attorney and proven advocate as the State’s top lawyer.
  18. The Attorney General’s office should not be a political stepping stone.
  19. We need an Attorney General who has ridden Route 66. By motorcycle.
  20. Jesus loves me, this I know.
  21. God is in control, win or lose.